Pre-Feasibility & Feasibility Study

Analyzing activity, assessing, and researching in various aspects to illustrate the feasibility of a project in terms of financial and social terms. The feasibility study is an important step to determine whether the project will be implemented or not.

Special characteristics in the feasibility study:

  • TRACON proficient in providing quality information for decision-making required to assess whether or not the project should go forward into the final engineering, construction and project financing.
  • TRACON propose an optimal configuration process / equipment considering with the safety aspects, profitability, environmental influences and regulations based on benchmarking data , previous experiences and technical skills.
  • TRACON will generate an estimated cost of the project with a certain degree of accuracy. The results of the cost estimate will then be evaluated by performing a sensitivity / risk analysis and market forecasting is required to determine the basis of capacity, ratio shrink, process flexibility and future expansion plans.
  • TRACON provides a range of studies to fulfill the needs of the client:
  • Pre-Feasibility Study: Critical Steps in the engineering process to evaluate the technical feasibility and economics of the project as a minimum prerequisite for the conversion of any resources to be a value-added products.
  • Feasibility Study: It is the most detailed step and so far in the engineering process to evaluate a project for a "go / no-go" decision and financing purposes.
  • Bankable Feasibility Study: Detailed enough and with enough objectivity that the company could send to investors or lenders when seeking financing for the project.

Pre-Feasibility Study:  Study level with accuracy deviations + - 50%, a lot is still based on secondary data and assumptions.

Feasibility Study: Study level of accuracy with deviation of 20-30%, many based on the majority of primary data rather than secondary data.

  1. Has a complete and accurate database.
  2. Supported by banking power.


  1. PT Tracon Industries is able to work on the Feasibility Study in gradual categories, namely
  2. Bankable
  3. Non-Bankable
  4. Experienced and trusted in handling Feasibility Study.