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Package Equipment

For Package Equipment Supply, we has a guaranteed Quality Control and has a solid and competent Project Management Team. We also manage to complete and make an accurate reporting.

Package Equipment

Capability & Excellence
  • Has a guaranteed Quality Control
  • Capable in Engineering dan Project Management
  • Has a solid and competent Project Management Team
  • Provides a service guarantee.
  • Complete and accurate reporting.
  • Provides after sales.
  • Send in the supervisor that is an expert in their respective field.
Available Products
  • Air Cooled Heat Exchanger
  • Waste Water Treatment Plant
  • Chemical Injection Package
  • Water System
  • Fire System Packaged
  • Desalisation Unit Packaged
  • Demineralization Unit Pakaged
  • Reverse Osmosis Packaged (Sea Water & River / Deep Well Water)
  • Portable Water Treatment Packaged
  • Water Treatment Packaged (Sea Water & River / Deep Well Water)
  • Waste Water Treatment Packaged (Industry & Hospital & Hotel)
  • Deaeration Unit Packaged
  • Cooling Water Pakaged
  • Air System
  • Compresor Packaged
  • Blower Packaged
  • Air Receiver
  • Hvac System Packaged
  • IA / PA Packaged
  • Metering System
  • Non Custody Metering
  • Custody Metering
  • Fire Fughting System
  • Compresor Air Package
  • Nitrogen Package
  • Bio Diesel
  • Bio Ethanol