Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning & Start-up


The series of activities prior to the implementation of commissioning which aims to prepare and ensure the overall individual equipment and systems factory which has been completed in the construction phase can work well according to standards and design.


Stages of activities undertaken to test the system on the plant simultaneously with the purpose of the plant running properly and can work well according to standards and design.

 START UP: Operation


  1. Pre-commissioning Engineering & Management : Procedure Making, Hazop,  Supervisory And Control
  2. Hydro testing : Pipeline, Piping System, Tank
  3. Water Flushing : Pipeline, Piping System
  4. Air & Steam Blowing : Pipeline, Piping System
  5. Chemical Cleaning : Pipeline, Piping System, Tank, Heat Exchanger
  6. Water Jet Cleaning : Pipeline, Piping System, Tank, Heat Exchanger, Surface Preparation
  7. Nitrogen Purging & Drying : Pipeline, Piping System, Tank
  8. Flange Management : Flange Joint Integrity Management
  9. Bolt Tightening & Torqueing : Pipeline, Piping System, Tank, Vessel , And Other
  10. Onsite Flange Machining : Pipeline, Piping System, Heat Exchanger, And Other
  11. Lube Oil Flushing : Mechanical Rotating Equipment
  12. Pipeline Pigging : Pipeline, Piping System
  13. Tools that are used: Chemical Cleaning Equipment, Including Tank, Pumps, Laboratory Equipment for Chemical Cleaning Analysis, Air Compressor, Hydraulic Torque Wrench cw Hose and Pump, Manual Torque Wrench, Ring Wrench Set, Hammer Wrench (Slogging Ring), Hammer non Spark, Blower, Gen-set, Water Pump, Hydro-static Pump cw Accessories, Filler Gauge, Dial Indicator + Magnetic Stand, Infrared Thermometer, Vibration meter, Sound level meter, Tacho meter, Inclinometer, Bore-cope, Vernier Caliper, Micrometer outside 0-25 mm, Micrometer inside, Precision level, Clamp Tester, Grinding machine 4”, Welding machine, Drilling machine, Level Block, Webbing Sling, Scaffolding