Plant Assessment

Conducting the complete evaluation and inspection towards plants and equipment


  1. Capable of doing Plant Reactivation, Plant Optimization, Plant Turn Around, Debottle Necking Project, Plant Life extension program, Equipment Repair and refurbishment, Plant Relocation integrally with quality, schedule and accurate recommendation results.
  2. Has manpower that are skilled and experienced.
  3. Experienced in doing projects in various industries (oil and gas, revinery, fertilizer, pulp and paper, mining/smelter).
  4. Tools that are used:
    • Vibration Measuremen & Analysis
    • Ultrasonic Thickness
    • High Pressure Water Pump
    • General Tools
    • Infra-Red Thermometer
    • Merger Test
    • Power Quality
    • Smoke Analyzer/Detector
    • Decibel meter
    • Infra-Red Thermography