Plant Operation & Maintenance

Plant operation to reach the design capacity by implementing the concept of Maintenance Management System based on RCM (Reliability Center Maintenance) to support the safe operation of the plant, energy saving, efficient and environmentally friendly.


  1. Procedure Preparation for Plant Operation (Start Up, Normal Operation, Shutdown.
  2. Setting up Training for Plant Operator
  3. Parameter List (Pressure, Temperature, Composition, Density, Concentration) for Plant Operation
  4. Trouble Shooting
  5. Plant Operation Evaluation
  6. Problem Solving


  1. Expert in performing preventive and predictive maintenance.
  2. Continue to develop Reliability Centre Maintenance.
  3. Has Maintenance Planning and Scheduler.
  4. Conducting Condition Monitoring.
  5. Expert in doing Rotating Equipment Maintenance.
  6. Expert in doing Static Equipment Maintenance..
  7. Has manpower that are experienced and competent.
  8. Experienced in the smelter plant and oil and gas.
  9. Has the cooperation with world-class inspection company.
  10. Supported by the main Company (Rekind) and Group PIHC (utilizing the facilities of the main company).
  11. Tools that are used:
    1. Maintenance
      • Vibration Monitoring
      • Ultrasonic Thickness
      • Infra-Red Thermometer
      • Merger Test
      • Power Quality Analyzer
      • General Tools
    2. Operation
      • Chemical Cleaning Facility
      • High Pressure Water Pump
      • Infra-Red Thermometer
    3. HSE
      • Smoke Analyzer/Detector
      • Decibel meter
      • Portable Gas Analyzer