Plant Turn Around

Examination, overall measurement of the plant and the supporting equipment to restore the plant performance and reliability to the initial conditions of its design capacity.


  1. Able to work in an integrated Turn Around with quality and schedule according to the standard that has been determined, from the planning, preparation, implementation and evaluation / reporting.
  2. Has been experienced in the preparation of materials and supporting equipment services for the implementation of the Turn Around.
  3. Having competent manpower from all disciplines required in the Turn Around job.
  4. Experienced in accomplishing their optimal Turn Around (duration and quality):
    • Brief and limited time
    • Handling manpower with multi discipline in large numbers
    • Has a a specialized vendor management
    • Embraces a sequence of multi disciplinary work within a limited time
  1. Tools that are used:
    • Vibration Measurement Analysis
    • Ultrasonic Thickness
    • High Pressure Water Pump
    • General Tools
    • Infra-Red Thermometer
    • Merger Test
    • Power Quality
    • Smoke Analyzer/Detector
    • Decibel meter
    • Multi testur