Corporate Values

Continues Learning

Improve skills, inspire others, imitate successful people, learn from failures, examine every problem, apply the latest methods, willingness to learn new things, continuous learning, take on new knowledge consistently.


Having a high sense of ownership and loyalty on company, proud to be a part of the company by always giving the best, always keep the interests of the company, keep company secrets, hold the company principles, maintain the company's assets, and make the company as the main focus


Awareness and willingness to synergize between individuals, work units, clients and partners by mobilizing all capabilities possessed in a sincere and intelligent in achieving company goals


Sincerity, alignment of the heart, honesty, consistent between word and deed, and a willingness to sacrifice personal interests, apply of compliance value seriously, responsibly and accountably in any situation and condition

Never Give Up

Struggle working, Persistent for apply company principles, strong for defense company interests and optimistic

Unbelievable Services

Committed to create and deliver services excellent, apply high standards for customer satisfaction understand customer needs, fast respond, and always complete work faster than the time specified.